Sprint Managed Services Customers
In an effort to streamline our support services, the Sprintmns.com website will no longer be available for customer use as of November 20, 2013.

Sprint Managed Services customers can now access the same features previously available from the Sprintmns.com portal by using Compass on Sprint.net. We encourage customers to use the tutorial videos located throughout Compass to learn more upon login about the various features available.

Sprint Managed Services customers with TACACS access and requring a password reset should log into their Compass account to perform this operation. For further instructions, please read more.

If you have questions or feedback regarding the transition, need additional training or want to report a problem, please contact compass@sprint.net to submit your feedback.

Thank you,

Sprint Managed Services
As of November 20th, Sprint Managed Services TACACS users will only be able to perform credential management via their Compass account on www.sprint.net. Users that have not used the Compass TACACS Sync feature prior to password expiration will need to perform the steps below. Additional documentation and guidance regarding the feature change has been previously provided via e-mail to the assigned company account administrator(s).

Updating your TACACS password can be done by performing the following steps:

If you have forgotten your Compass password, please perform the following steps:

Once TACACS Sync is completed please logout of your Compass account to authenticate with the assigned credentials. Users who modified their login ID to match their existing TACACS ID will be required to use the new ID for Compass at login.

If you encounter any issues regarding the password reset process, please contact Compass Support via e-mail at compass@sprint.net. Users who did not receive a TACACS password expiration notice from do.no.reply@sprint.net in the past 90 days should ensure their e-mail address associated to their profile is current.

Thank you,

Sprint Managed Services