SprintLink SPAM / UCE Reporting Tool
You can forward a copy of any SPAM or UCE received via the SprintLink network directly to abuse@sprint.net.

The questions below request the necessary information needed to pursue an issue with SPAM or UCE.

To report security issues please contact security@sprint.net or use the online Security form.

SprintLink Abuse tracks SPAM reports based on the subject of the original e-mail. In order to assist us in responding to complaints as quickly as possible, please forward the offending messages with complete headers to abuse@sprint.net. If you do not know how to forward messages with full headers, please consult the documentation for the e-mail application that you are using. If possible please include the IP address of the source or the URL of the web site that you believe is responsible for the abuse in the subject line of your e-mail.

Please be aware that the Abuse Department receives an enormous volume of e-mails each day. It is impossible for us to respond to individual complaints. We do, however, vigorously pursue violators of our Acceptable Use Policy.