DNS Policy
Sprint will provide a variety of DNS services for SprintLink Dedicated Internet customers. Sprint's Domain Name System (DNS) Policy is designed to support consistent and reliable Domain Name service for the majority of its customers. Sprint utilizes the Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) software for name resolution service.
SPRINTLINK DNS (Dedicated Internet)
SprintLink provides free Primary DNS for up to 5 second-level domains (i.e. customer.com) and free Secondary DNS for up to 50 zones on a per customer basis. DNS is supported for IPv4 and IPv6 protocols If a customer needs Primary DNS for more than 5 second-level domains, the customer should contact his/her sales representative for pricing and ordering. Further, if a customer needs Secondary DNS for more than 50 zones, the customer should contact his/her sales representative for pricing and ordering.
Sprint's nine Authoritative-Only DNS servers are updated via automation that is run from a backend change control system and associated database. Due to many factors, the DNS Automation batch jobs end to end execution times vary on a daily basis.
Requests for Zone file changes, support or assistance should be submitted via Compass. These requests will be handled in a first come, first serve basis.
Sprint will provide up to five Primary forward zones (DNS Authoritative Master) free of charge for each Dedicated Internet (SprintLink) customers. All primary DNS requests, including the free zones, require that an order be submitted by the customer's sales contact.
Note that it is the Customer's responsibility to register their domain, with an appropriate registrar and to supply the registrar with names and IP addresses of the SprintLink Nameservers. Sprint requires a minimum of 3 business days notice for any new DNS requests or changes to existing DNS records.
The customer is responsible for providing Sprint with all appropriate information to set up the domain, including host names, IP addresses for those hosts, as well as indicating the mail exchanger host name and address. The customer is responsible for determining if reverse resolution is needed. Please use the DNS change request form within Compass to set up DNS or request changes to your Sprint DNS.
Sprint can provide DNSSEC services when we provide Primary DNS. If you are interested, please contact your account representative.
SECONDARY DNS Requirements
Please note that in the case where Sprint provides Secondary DNS, the customer is responsible for maintaining the domain(s) in question. Sprint servers will only mirror the customer configured information, and can only do so if the customer nameservers are reachable and functioning. The performance of Sprint's Secondary DNS service is entirely dependent upon the performance and availability of the customer's Primary nameservers.
If Sprint is providing Primary and Secondary DNS, all conditions for proper installation of Secondary will automatically be met upon receiving the appropriate host name and IP address information, as well as information identifying the mail exchangers.
When providing Secondary DNS services only:
  1. Sprint will provide Secondary Resolution for up to 50 forward zones (DNS Authoritative Slave) free of charge.
  2. Sprint can provide resolution for more than 50 zones at an additional charge per domain.
  3. Sprint will provide Secondary DNS for any zone that is answering Authoritatively, provided the customer has completed the DNS change request form within Compass in advance of the need of these services. Note that this also requires an SOA record as well as nameserver records in the zone file on the customer maintained Primary Name server.
  4. Please double check the Primary nameserver's zone file and verify that it contains a Start Of Authority (SOA) record identifying the domain, Primary nameserver, and the DNS administrator's address.
  5. Please note that TCP and UDP connection requests on port 53 must be permitted to the Primary nameservers resolving the domain. Both TCP and UDP port 53 connections are required.
  6. Please verify that the SprintLink nameservers are permitted to access your Primary nameserver on TCP and UDP port 53. This is necessary so that the Sprint nameservers may perform zone file transfers.
  7. Please verify that the Zone file on the Primary nameserver contains nameserver (NS) records pointing to the Authoritative SprintLink nameservers.
  8. As DNS resolution services are a shared resource, Sprint recommends that the SOA record be configured to match the settings below to minimize load and maximize resolution performance for all customers:
    Suggested Value/Format SOA Field
    YYYYMMDDnn Serial Number
    Four digit year, two digit month, two digit day and version number of the file.
    43200 Refresh
    3600 Retry
    2419200 Expire
    86400 Time To Live
  9. Before calling Sprint, please verify that you have registered your domain properly, and also registered the SprintLink nameservers with your registrar as being secondary for your domain.
  10. To reduce the load times for zone updates, you may configure your servers to send DNS NOTIFY messages to our Authoritative servers.
Reverse DNS Requirements
When a customer request to do reverse DNS, the customer must meet the following
requirements before Sprint will agree to provide this service.
  1. Customer has obtained IP address space/block from Sprint
  2. Customer has to decide which one of these they want to do.
    • Sprint to be the Primary, the customer must provide the following to Sprint:
      - IP addresses the customer wants reverse DNS with the corresponding
      fully qualified hostnames that they resolve too
    • If customer wants to do there own Primary, Sprint can only forward or delegate the
      responsibilities of reverse DNS to the customer.
      The customer must provide the following to Sprint:
    - All IP addresses to be delegated from Sprint
    - IP addresses and fully qualified hostnames of their nameservers.
Sprint does not provide Primary DNS service to customers who are considered to be Internet Resellers (such as an ISP, Virtual Hosting Service, etc).
Sprint can provide Secondary DNS to customers who are considered to be Internet Resellers, but only for the second-level domain of the customer (not the customer's customers).
Requests to set up or modify Sprint DNS services must be completed through the Compass DNS change request form.
Sprint will not verify integrity of customer information supplied for Primary zones. It is the customer's responsibility to insure that the information submitted is correct and accurate.
Sprint will remove zones from our primary or secondary configuration if we determine that it is no longer registered to Sprint Authoritative servers.
  1. Sprint does not provide Domain Name registration services. The Customer is responsible for registering their own domain with an appropriate registrar.
  2. IP Address space provided by Sprint (in-addr.arpa zones) is on-loan, and is therefore non-portable. Sprint will make reasonable efforts to accommodate customers attempting to renumber their networks when they leave Sprint. However, IP space assigned by Sprint must be returned to Sprint when the Customer terminates service.
  3. Please do not ask Sprint engineers to provide configuration assistance with yours or other DNS server software or equipment, as they are trained to operate Sprint equipment. Furthermore, legal obligations restrict our ability to provide assistance in this area.
  4. Due to the nature of the operation of DNS, it is not possible for Sprint to perform Primary DNS for any zone for which another nameserver is listed as Primary at the registrar. There can be one and only one Primary nameserver for a given domain. The Internet Domain Name System does not function in this manner and will fail if attempted. For example: a customer utilizing a separate web hosting service and that service's nameserver (listed as Primary at their registrar) cannot be supplemented by a Sprint nameserver resolving a mail server. The Sprint nameserver would fail, as DNS does not function in this manner.
Again, the SprintLink Operations Engineering DNS Team holds final authority over the Sprint DNS Systems. The Team retains the right to perform any action necessary maintain and manage the Sprint DNS Systems.