Customer Premises Equipment

Sprint leases Cisco router equpment to customers for installation on their premises, as well as provides Managed Router and Managed Network services. These Sprint-provided routers are provided to allow connectivity to the Sprint networks.

The following terms and conditions apply to all Sprint-provided Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and routers:

  1. The Sprint Customer Premise Equipment (CPE or "router") is provided for the sole purpose of connecting the Customer's network to the SprintLink network via one or more Serial ports.
  2. If a maintenance agreement with the Sprint IP Services group exists, then IP Services will provide initial configuration and post-installation configuration assistance for the CPE router as part of the maintenance agreement.
  3. Unless a maintenance agreement also exists, the Customer is responsible for the configuration of the CPE router.
  4. If a maintenance agreement exists, then IP Services will provide either Static or RIP routing to the customer's internal network at the customer's request.
  5. Sprint can provide SNMP read-only access to the CPE router via an Ether or FDDI port on the CPE router. This service must be requested by the customer in advance.
  6. Sprint will provide Static or BGP4 routing between the CPE router and the Sprint gateway router at the customer's request.
    NOTE: Multi-homed status and an Autonomous System number assigned by the American Registry for Internet Numbers are both required in order to use BGP routing.
  7. Customers purchasing the "Managed Network Services" product will contact the Managed Network Services Group for assistance with their router, instead of IP Services. IP Services does not have access and cannot assist with this equipment. If you are unsure whom to contact, speak with your Sprint sales representative for clarification.
  8. Sprint does not permit the connection of other providers equipment or connections to any Sprint router, managed or otherwise, and will not be responsible for configuring other provider's equipment.
  9. The Sprint router is not to be used as a Core device in the customer's network. It is provided for connectivity to Sprint and must be used as an edge device.
  10. Connecting non-customer equipment (e.g. customer's downstream customers equipment) to a Sprint router is not permitted