Are You Connected Via IPv6?
No, you are not currently connected via IPv6.

Your IP Address is  This is an IPv4 address. Read below for more information about IPv6.
IPv6 Information
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What is IPv6?
Since 1997, Sprint has been actively involved in the standardization, testing, and deployment of IPv6. Sprint was an early adopter of IPv6 in an experimental capacity, and not only keeps an active test-bed for IPv6, but is involved in the evolution and standardization of the IPv6 protocol. Given current projections regarding IPv4 address exhaustion, Sprint believes that over the next few years, IPv6 services will be crucial to all customers with a presence on today's IPv4 Internet, and is working to ensure that it will be ready to meet its customers' needs as they enable IPv6 support within their own networks and services.
External Link: Wikipedia explains IPv6
How is Sprint deploying IPv6?
Sprint has deployed IPv6 on its SprintLink IP network (AS1239), as a true native, dual-stack implementation. You can test out your IPv6 connection by using our IPv6 enabled Looking Glass . If you are an existing Sprint IPv4 customer and you are interested in enabling your circuit to support IPv6, please contact your sales team and request that they place an IP version change order for dual-stack service. If you are not currently a Sprint customer, you can contact our sales department to discuss connectivity options. To request that a Sprint sales representative contact you, please either use our online request form or call our New Business Customer inquiry line: 877-579-3282.
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Sprint Native, Dual-Stack IPv6
This highly effective solution has the following advantages:
  • Low Latency Forwarding
  • Less Overhead
  • No Encapsulation
  • Improved IPv6 Routing Speeds