SPA Ethernet Guidlines for CE Traffic Shaping
SPA Ethernet Customer Traffic Shaping for UNIs Aggregated over an NNI - customer responsibilities
Due to the policing policies set by global access vendors, it is important that customers set their routers for traffic and policy shaping in order to minimize packet loss across the network.

It is highly recommended that traffic-shaping be applied to the output of the WAN-facing Ethernet access port on the CE (Customer Edge) network device (router) in order to ensure maximum throughput efficiency and get the full bandwidth that was subscribed. It is further recommended that the committed burst-size for the shaping policy be set to 4ms (.004s) at the Committed Information Rate (CIR). It is important to know that for Ethernet access circuits, even under normal traffic load conditions, traffic will intermittently violate the local access carrier's traffic rate policing unless that traffic is being shaped at the output of the CE router. This is due to the nature of Ethernet technology and how it is deployed in large carrier networks. Not setting a shaping policy will result in random packet loss during normal circuit operation.